Hrutvik Kanabar

About me

I recently finished my PhD at the University of Kent, supervised by Olaf Chitil (planning/dissertation) and Scott Owens (at Facebook since late 2019).


Sep 2023 — Thesis defence (viva voce)

I have successfully defended my thesis, subject to minor corrections. My examiners were Xavier Leroy (external examiner/opponent) and Stefan Marr.

Nov 2022 — Paper submission

I submitted to Programming Language Design and Implementation Programming (PLDI) with other CakeML developers – see here for an overview.

Aug - Nov 2022 — Internship at Google [open source]

I worked with Marco Elver and Aleksandr Nogikh on the Kernel Dynamic Tools team in Munich, improving syzkaller fuzzing for filesystems.

May - Jul 2022 — Internship at Meta [open source]

I worked with Dulma Churchill in the Infer London team, improving Infer’s Pulse taint analysis.

Feb 2022 — Paper submission

I submitted to Interactive Theorem Proving (ITP), building on my Arm internship – see here for an overview.

Jul - Oct 2020 — Internship at Facebook [open source]

I worked with Catherine Gasnier in the Hack London team, improving type-inference for Hack by generating constraints on method invocations.

Apr - Jul 2020 — Internship at Arm Ltd

I worked with Anthony Fox in the security research group, investigating the Sail language ecosystem and its applications in formal reasoning about the semantics of the Arm instruction set.

Jan 2020 — Student Research Competition

I placed second at Principles of Programming Languages (POPL) 2020. This involved three rounds: an extended abstract, a poster, and a presentation.

Apr 2019 — Paper submission

I submitted to the Journal of Automated Reasoning (JAR) with other CakeML developers. This was accepted in Dec 2019 – see here for an overview.


I received my undergraduate degree at University of Cambridge (2015 - 2018). In my first year I read Natural Sciences, before switching to Computer Science for my second and third years. My Director of Studies during these last two years was Tim Griffin.

You can also find a short CV here.